FUMC Committees

First United Methodist Church Committees and Places where YOU can serve! I've heard it said that committee meetings are like being nibbled to death by ducks. And I'm sure that we all have experienced those kind of meetings. But that's only one way of looking at it. John Wesley looked at coming together to work for the church as "Holy Conferencing." Holy Conferencing, and indeed Church Committee work, is a coming together for a specific purpose and to wait together for the movement of the Holy Spirit to guide, direct, and empower. We trust in the promise that where two or more are gathered, Christ is there. We trust that for those who love the Lord, all things will work together for good. Sometimes, we do have to wait for clarity. But God wastes no time and even works through the waiting.
With all the blessings and confidence of Holy Conferencing, you are invited to consider ways you might be involved in the Committee work of the church. Below is a brief summary of the work of each committee.
If you are interested in being a part, or in learning more, contact the church office at fumc-cheyenne@qwestoffice.net or call the office at 632-1410.
LAY LEADER is the primary lay representative of the laity in the church. The Lay Leader fosters awareness of the importance of living a life of discipleship and service through ministry in and beyond the church; works to recognize lay ministries; interprets the actions and programs of the Rocky Mountain Conference and the general United Methodist Church; participates in and encourages others to participate in study and training opportunities provided by the Conference. The Lay Leader is a member of the Administrative Council, Finance, SPRC, and the Lay Leadership Committee.

STAFF-PARISH RELATIONS COMMITTEE (SPRC) has some of the same functions of a personnel office or Human Resources department in other organizations. The SPRC works with the lead pastor, ordained clergy, lay staff, the congregations, the community in which the church is located, the District Superintendent and the United Methodist conference. Some specific tasks of the SPRC include explaining the nature and function of the ministry; conferring with the staff about ministry direction; supporting lifelong learning for staff; identifying and supporting those within the church who might be called by God to ministry; recommending staff positions, job descriptions, and benefits to the Administrative Council.

BOARD OF TRUSTEES has the supervision and oversight of all property owned by the First United Methodist Church. This includes the care of the property, usage of the property, and insurance issues, among others.

FAMILY MINISTRIES COMMITTEE functions as a resource for families� spiritual formation as they grow into a deeper spiritual relationship with God during various times of life�s journey by providing them with the appropriate tools and trainings for specific spiritual milestones. The Family Ministry Committee strives to build a solid foundation for a life of spiritual formation with the Heart, Head, Hand and Holy Habits which represent a holistic view of a person�s life.

FINANCE COMMITTEE is to identify, perfect, and manage the finance system for the congregation. The finance system is the processes of raising, managing, and dispersing the finances so that the mission and vision of the congregation can be achieved. The main tasks of the committee: provides financial direction for the congregation and regularly reports to the church council and to individual members; recommends an annual budget to support the mission and ministry of the church; develops plans for the annual funding program to ensure that the financial needs of the church are met; arranges for the annual audit of church financial records.

FOUNDATION COMMITTEE monitors the growth of the endowment fund of First United Methodist Church. The by-laws of the Foundation allow the Foundation to distribute 70 percent of the interest, dividends, and unrealized gains to various committees and ministries of the Church.

MEMORIAL & SPECIAL GIFTS COMMITTEE has the particular responsibility of supervising and directing the use of all monies received during the year in memory of, or as a special honor to loved ones; and also special gifts to the church. They serve as a committee responsible to the Board of Trustees. They receive, acknowledge, distribute and dedicate monies and memorial gifts. They are also responsible for updating the memorial books, boards, and plaques.

MISSIONS COMMITTEE coordinates the church's activities in outreach and service in the Cheyenne community and beyond through our partnership with our sister church in Guatemala, our United Methodist connection, and other opportunities as they present themselves.

COMMITTEE ON LAY LEADERSHIP is responsible for getting to know members of the congregation and helping them to discern their skills, gifts, knowledge, and level of commitment; identifying leadership and service opportunities in the congregation; preparing job descriptions for leadership positions; matching potential leaders with leadership positions and inviting persons to serve in those positions; making sure that these persons represent the makeup of your congregation; presenting recommendations to the charge conference; equipping leaders through training and support.

WORSHIP COMMITTEE aids the congregation in a fuller understanding of the meaning, purpose and practice of worship. They cooperate with the Pastors and the Music Staff in planning and caring for worship; recruit ushers, acolytes, and liturgists; coordinate altar flowers; care for, prepare and help serve the sacramental elements; and decorate and clean the sanctuary.

KITCHEN COORDINATING COMMITTEE communicates with user groups and coordinates kitchen needs; maintains a network of volunteers to clean and maintain kitchen equipment; procures all-church supplies and maintains storage of such.

COMMUNICATIONS TEAM ~ A new committee possibility! The UMC guidelines suggest this team's ministry is to: share the church's story with the public; create an image of the church and the congregation; build community within the church; create excitement; build pride in the church and the denomination; promote opportunities and resources; maintain two-way communication (story telling and story listening) with the congregation and with the community; provide information the congregation needs to make informed decisions; help make the church's vision come alive in people's thoughts, words, and actions. The communication team does what is known in the secular world as "marketing," "advertising," and "public relations," both within the church and in the community. Specific interest areas would include: website, newsletter, newspaper, internal displays, email distribution, bulletin announcements.